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A web tech agency. Based in Stockholm. Best in class.

We are a team of skilled web tech problem solvers. Using a range of Open Source technologies and a wide experience we help our clients grow. And we have fun doing it.

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We're tech generalists and we always select tools based on the problem, but with a wholehearted focus on Open Source.

PHP // Python // Ruby // JS/ES/Coffee // Go // C/C++ // CSS/Less/Sass // HTML5 // Drupal // Wordpress // Django // Rails // Flask // Node.js/Express // Magento // AngularJS // React // Flux/Fluxible // Celery // MySQL // PostgreSQL // MongoDB // Neo4j // Elasticsearch // Memcache // Redis // RabbitMQ // Capistrano // Chef // Grunt // Gulp // Webpack

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We're constantly looking for talented and enterprising people. We do advanced stuff at a high pace, so we expect you to be great.

Do you think we could be a match for each other? Here are a few quick notes on who we are.

Tired of doing repetitive work? Eager to try out and evaluate new techniques and ways to solve problems? Looking for a small and personal work place protective of its culture?

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